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Asset Information Management Solution (AIMS)

Asset Information Management System

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ACME Solutions

Like our company's namesake, our three-pronged approach focuses on the critical elements of any business or government endeavor: Partners, Process, and Technology. Our expertise focuses on four areas: Asset Management, Product Support, Data Management, and Systems Integration.

We believe clients want 1) a company who understands their perspective, 2) a trusted partner who will not "admire the problem" but will provide realistic, impactful solutions based on proven best business practices, and 3) a fair price for the value they're receiving.

Learn about how our "Battlespace Visibility to Optimise Coalition Sustainment" presentation was one of only 10 winners for the 2018 NATO Communications and Information Agency's Innovation Challenge

"My first battalion commander told me the three rules to success. The first? Surround yourself with good people. Over the years, I've forgotten the other two."

General Joseph F. Dunford
36th Commandant of the Marine Corps